I was recently going through some old hard drives and my various cloud storage dumps and came across a slew of old photographs. One set in particular was from one of my favorite trips I have ever taken. On the western coast San Juan island, off the shore of western Washington sits a little slice of heaven. This land was so serene and jaw-droopingly beautiful. Even though I have never been to Canada, I can at least say I’ve seen Canada. You could clearly see the lights of Victoria, Canada from across the bay. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any good photos of those lights or they have seemed to disappear if I had.
Speaking of photos, this trip was nearly 7 years ago. 7 years ago I didn’t know you could blow out your highlights, I didn’t know about the difference between RAW and JPEG. I didn’t know much about Lightroom, or post-processing. I just knew I had a camera, I loved being behind it, and that I was having a good time. Are these photos great from a technical aspect? No, probably not. Are they great from the aspect of how they make me feel/the memories they bring back? Damn straight. Some of the shots below are in my personal top favorites.
I have recently re-processed these images since I was able to find the unedited JPEGs and I know a little bit more about Lightroom at this point in my life. Also a note about photo gear, maybe this is targeted at my future self, but your gear doesn’t matter. I love gear. I’d spend every last cent I had on that shit. Everything you see here was taken on a Nikon D3000, kit lens (18-55?), and the long-exposures used a tripod I got at Wal-Mart. Stop buying gear and just go outside.
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